Benefits of having a website

There are so many benefits of your company being online and having a website but it would be impossible to list them all, here is a list of just some of the very good reasons to get your company a well deserved website.

Let people find you

Nowadays when someone needs to find a certain shop or service the first thing they do is search for it online and if your website doesn't show up, well... then you miss out on a lot of potential customers. Being online means more people can find you and avail of your services. People will be able to view your store opening times, get directions to your company, read reviews, see pictures and so much more!

Anywhere, anytime

People all around the globe can access your website at any time. Your website will be a digital representation of your company that's open 24 hours a week 365 days a year and available to be accessed anywhere by anyone.

Spend less time answering phone calls and emails

Your website will inform your potential and current customers about your products or services. A frequently asked questions page(FAQ) will decrease the amount of unnecessary e-mails and phone calls. Should your clients still wish to contact you then they can use a contact form that can be located on your website, no need for them to open an e-mail app.

Easier to visit

If a potential client wants to ask whether your company provides a particular service or product they don't have to drive all the way to your premises, they can just look at your website. This generates sales because your client knows you have what they need and they can just pop down to your shop.

A company people can trust

When people come across a website and see that it's professional and elegant then they are likely to think that the company too is professional and well established. People trust companies with well designed websites more than those without websites or with outdated ones.

Save money and time

Having a website means that you can now advertise online through various means such as Facebook or Google. Doing this you save money on the printing necessary to advertise at the same scale, which doesn't allow for the same target audience accuracy. Online advertising is cheaper, more accurate and takes less time (and also saves trees)

The web was made to share

So share your web address with everyone, put it on your business cards, give it to your friends, give it to the cat lady down the road, tell your customers about it and put it in your ads. You see? If you have a website sharing your business with others is just easier

Find out more about your customers

You will have access to tools that will give you insights into data such as your visitors age, gender, location and even what they are interested in. You can also carry out surveys to get people's opinion on a new product or service. With all this data you can tailor your product or service to your clients needs.

Start taking payments the modern way

A huge number of transcations are made online, it's a secure and easy way of making payments. Your website can accept card payments saving you and your customer time. What are you still waiting for?

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